portret na strankuIng. Ladislav Smrtnik

Proud Husband, Father of 4 Children, Online Entrepreneur, Your Friend and Your Co-Fighter for a Better Life.


I am originally from Slovakia now living with my family in Germany. I love people and I have great passion for learning, personal development and gaining knowledge.

Already in my adolescent age I have made crucial decisions that led to my work on personal development and knowledge of universal truths. I had a huge passion for the study of the world’s philosophical and religious scriptures, science as well as art and observations of life around me with an open heart and mind. What I have learned, I was immediately applying into my life.

Throughout my life path I have self indulged into various challenges that I have step by step successfully overcame and learned a lot out of them. For example, during my studies at university I got involved in volunteering activities which consisted mainly of fundraising through direct selling of various gift items. To this special activities which were connected with intensive personal development training, I devoted full 6 days a week for three years. The words ‘direct selling’ describe the activity in the deepest possible sense and from the experiences I got throughout that time I’m still receiving a lot today, and I believe I’ll keep on receiving for a lifetime.

After these activities, I started to work in the field of finances and financial advising professionally. Through completing intensive training in financial advising, insurance, investment, marketing and business, I acquired professional knowledge in these areas. I went about this profession for the following 3 years.

About five years ago I became very interested in making money on internet. I gained a lot of helpful information through studying a lot of courses from successful people, my trials and experiences. It is common knowledge that experiences come with failures and successes and this is why this blog is here for. I’m going to share with you here, what I’m going through in online marketing, what is working for me and what not so you can find a help in your making an income online.

To your success,
Ladislav Smrtnik