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Leads Leap 2.0 Review – The Traffic Plus Conversions Revolution


 What is Leads Leap 2.0?

Leads Leap 2.0 is an advertising, lead generation and revenue-sharing system with focus to provide training and high value. It’s been around since 2008 when it started as a lead generating system. Since then Leads Leap went through different enhancements till now creating a new version under the name Leads Leap 2.0. opening the possibility for everybody to earn money and providing more high quality traffic and high conversion rate.

How Does Leads Leap 2.0 Work?



Leads Leap 2.0 is not a Traffic Exchange nor a Safelist. Members of Leads Leap have the possibility to run for free Adsense-like ads that look like this:

The Ads are then displayed:

1.) To downline members, to other Leads Leap members in the members’ area and for upgraded members also in mailings from the admin sent once per day.

2.) To non-members on the company’s blog, through the company’s free tool ‘The Real Tracker’ used by members and through a widget (just like the one above) used by members on their blogs or other sites.

Free members’ ads are exposed to their downline members and to other members using credits. Credits can be earned by viewing other members’ ads, by sharing the ad widget, from clicks of non-members and as overriding credits from views of the referrals in their downline. Credits are taken only if the ad was clicked. Unused credits can be exchanged for cash. Upgraded members’ ads are exposed and featured 24/7 with no credits needed. This way, upgraded members are getting real passive viral advertising on hand.

 Viral Lead Generation

By promoting Leads Leap, you are building your downline base, 10 levels deep. This system will enable you to build viraly a huge amount of leads who you then can reach by your advertising and by ‘Downline Messages’.

leads leap review traffic plus conversions 02

This is just an example, where a member who referred only 4 members personally, built a base of 4805 Leads on 10 level based viral lead system in Leads Leap 2.0.


 Making Money

In Leads Leap 2.0 everybody make money, even no referring free members.
There are 3 ways how to earn cash:

1.) Daily Revenue Share 5-10% – based on the average daily company’s earnings, divided among members who are active in visiting other members ads that day (10 ads visited that day is a minimum to be eligible for these earnings)

2.) Weekly Revenue Share 15-30% – based on the average weekly company’s earnings, divided among members who are driving traffic of non-members to the members ads by using widgets on their sites, or by using the real tracker tool, or driving visitors to the company blog using their affiliate link (based on how many clicks are delivered this way that week).

3.) Affiliate Earnings 25-50% – on upgrades of personally referred members

Did you earn a lot of credits by your activity in other programs and you are never able to use them, because of slow traffic coming to your ads? That sucks!
Unused credits in Leads Leap 2.0 can be exchanged for cash if you want. The amount of cash you can get for your credits can be as high as $0.3 per 50 credits.

You will also receive 5-20% of credits earned by your personal referrals till referrals 10 levels deep, so this is also an interesting part of earnings in Leads Leap 2.0.


 Upgraded Membership Level

In Leads Leap 2.0, there are two membership levels: Free and Pro
The Pro membership level cost $27 per month and it’s really more than worth it:

 Passive Viral Traffic

As an upgraded member, you are getting your ads displayed all around the network, in widgets on blogs and sites of other members, in mailings sent by the company, featured on some specific places, 24/7, unlimited, without needing credits. This is a real passive viral traffic. Of course the amount of traffic you will receive can not be predicted by anybody, it depends on the quality of your ad. But assuming you just get 300 visitors a month, the cost per visitor comes down to $0.09. That is really a good price per click – compared to Adsense, it makes sense.

As an upgraded member, you are also receiving so called ‘Spillover Referrals’ (about 20 a month) who are members who don’t have all 10 uplines because some cancelled their membership or they are on the top of the tree. This is how ‘vacant’ upline slots are created which are distributed to Pro members. The spillover referrals are part of your downline and they will stay there even after, if you cancel your pro membership. You will be able to reach them anytime through a ‘downline message’

 Higher Conversions

You in your profile and your ads are marked and presented as a Pro when you are an upgraded member. This is rising trust to the viewers and as you know higher trust equals higher conversions.

 More Money Potential

All the earning possibilities (Affiliate Earnings, Daily Revenue Share, Weekly Revenue Share) are doubled for Pro members compared to Free members. The percentage of earnings was already mentioned above in the part ‘Making Money’.

There are even more advantages to the Pro membership, but because I’m trying to keep this review clear and short, I just picked some of the most important ones.

 Why is Leads Leap 2.0 Different?

Leads Leap 2.0 is a traffic and conversions revolution. The system is so unique and effective. It provides high viral traffic that in turn is multiplied by very high conversions because of its genius system:

1.) Leads Leap 2.0 is providing ONLY very high value. Either it is on the company’s blog, or in mailings sent by the company. There are not sales pitch mails or articles so people love to open and read mails sent by Leads Leap or study the company’s blog, whose content btw. you can share embedded with your affiliate link, so the articles are also a source of potential referrals you can get. As I said, unique and genius.

2.) As a member of Leads Leap 2.0 you will get access to use top profi marketing tools like ‘The Real Tracker’, a Pop-Up Generator, Cookie Generator and OTO List Builder Script already as a FREE member. Just these ones are a no brainer to join Leads Leap 2.0.

3.) The best at the end. The system of viewing ads!

Leads Leap redefined advertising from its root. Just think for a moment. When you are viewing sites on Traffic Exchanges or mails from Safelists, what are you focused on? Is it the site you are viewing or the timer counting down to see if the time is up? Right, it’s the timer!

Second question. Once the time is up, are you staying on the site, or quickly move to another one to earn more credits? That one is obvious. You’ll quickly move to another one, won’t you? Of course, you are spending your time, and you want to be paid for it. But that way, ads are getting a very little viewing chance, so conversion rate is also very low.

Here is the genius part. When you open an ad, you will get 0.2 credits for the first 5 seconds viewing the ad. But Leads Leap 2.0 is not displaying any timer, so you can be focused on the ad, and if the ad is interesting to you, just continue and check it out. Watch the video on the site, look also on other pages like About Us page, Products page… because each 5 seconds you will spend on the site, you will earn additional 0.1 credits till 3 minutes. Did you get it? How this influences the conversion rate of your sites, when people have really time to go through it and check it out. How relaxed you will be while viewing a site, when you know that your time spent is paid? You got it!


 My Experiences with Leads Leap 2.0

I have never seen a similar system on the market like this before. For me the difference is like night and day. I upgraded my membership to Pro right after I joined, and I believe that for that price, this is the best buy I ever did.

As an ad visitor, I’m experiencing a beautiful and relaxed ad viewing. With some ads I had for the very first time really time to go through them, and find them really interesting. Looks like some ads just need to get a little more chance, what Leads Leap 2.0 is really providing.

As an advertiser, my conversion rate increased 1000’s times compare to advertising on traffic exhanges and safelists. I have also time to go through different ads and to get some new marketing ideas. The content and tools provided by Leads Leap are really very high value and I’m excited to study them and to use them.

Going through the pages of Leads Leap 2.0, I see that I’m not the only one so greatly satisfied by it, but I’m reading tons of positive feedbacks also from other members, I’m concluding that Leads Leap 2.0 is really something great and you should go for it too, right now.



P.S. If this review helped you or if you have some additional questions please feel free to leave a comment, Thank You.
To Your Great Success,
Ladislav Smrtnik


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