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The Real Tracker Review – a free tracker that saved me hundreds of dollars!

Why should you track?

Before I will review The Real Tracker, I’ll remind you, why you need to track your marketing efforts. It’s very simple. You have to be able to control and test your marketing activities to get better results, more conversions and finally uncover scammers on the market that are trying to steal your advertising budget. You need to recognise which traffic source is providing you quality hits and how responsive they are.

What is The Real Tracker?

The Real Tracker is one of the free tools provided by Leads Leap (one of the most complete advertizing platform – read review HERE) to their members. So practically, if you are a (free) member of Leads Leap, you have access to this amazing tool.

There are many tracking services on the market and most of them, if not all of them are actually paid services, but none of them have the ability to recognize real visits from the fake ones as this free tracker – The Real Tracker.

In reality, not all of the hits you are getting on your websites are real humans or let’s say visits. On the internet there are many fakers who are using programs to fake traffic on websites, just to steal advertising money from marketers. Some of them are so sophisticated that even if you are using Google Analytics, you are not able to recognize, if the hits are fakes or real ones. With the ability to do that The Real Tracker is unique and so much valuable.

What is The Real Tracker able to track?

1. Total clicks on your site – most trackers are doing only this

2. Unique visits – clicks from unique IP addresses

3. REAL VISITS (proprietary) – real humans on your site, that are exploring your offer for atleast 5 seconds and more.

4. RESPONSE (proprietary) – how many visitors actually responded on your site (clicked a link on your site, filled a subscription form, played a video…)

5. Conversions – (for websites you own) By adding a special code on your ‘thank you’ or download page, you can track, how many conversions you made.

6. SURFING DURATION (proprietary) – how long was a visitor on your site.

7. Traffic source – by customizing your link, you can specify the source of your visitors.

8. Country of origin – where the visit is coming from.


Other features of The Real Tracker


It’s really annoying when you put your marketing efforts to some affiliate offer, spreading your link all around the internet and then the offer expires or the website goes down. You are losing a lot of sales then. But when you are advertising The Real Tracker tracking links and if the offer you are promoting is not anymore available, you can just change the url under your tracking link to some similar offer and you will not miss a sale.


You are able to set up a teasing message which visitors, who visit your website, will see few seconds before they land on the actual website. This is a great way to raise up your conversions.

The Real Tracker Review - Picture



You can add your links into a rotator. Use then your rotator link, where the links that you added into it before will rotate. You can have unlimited rotator links with different combinations of rotating links. So you can promote different offers using only one link, or you can do split (A/B) testing to know which page is performing better.

Ad Bar

Cross-promote other offers on your website or just offer another link related to your website, using this incredible ad bar. A timer automatically grabs attention, which will again help you make your visitors more aware and then they are more likely to respond.

Earn Money

This is the cherry on the pie. Yes, you can even earn money by using FREE The Real Tracker. You can set it up on your website ads from other Leads Leap members will appear and whenever somebody clicks on some of the ads, you earn money.

How to add a link into The Real Tracker?

You will find a bar on the top of any page in the Leads Leap members area. There you can just paste any URL you want to add into The Real Tracker and just hit Submit. You will be then redirected to a set up page, where you can set up all parameters to your link.


How I caught a scammer and saved hundreds of dollars using The Real Tracker

I know how this industry is full of scammers, specially in the field of providing traffic, who are doing everything just to steal your money. Once I read a review on a Leads Leap page from one of the members, who was sharing how he bought solo ads from a seller and used the real tracker to track his link. After the clicks were delivered, he saw that only 5% of the clicks were real people, and based on his tracking results he could negotiate a refund from the seller. The scammer was BUSTED! That hit me and I decided to track my clicks whit The Real Tracker, whenever I’m sending any traffic to my links.

I bought traffic from another well known, trusted traffic provider and also used the real tracker to track my link. After the hits were delivered, my tracking results showed that there were zero real humans on my site. I wrote them an email that I know, because my tracker is able to track it, that they didn’t send any human being on my website, and that I’m asking for a refund. They even didn’t answer me to that email, and eventhough they proclaim that no orders are refundable (because they are using it to provide traffic) they just sent me all my money back. Another scammer was BUSTED! Imagine, how much money would I spend, If I didn’t know they are cheating.

The Real Tracker Review - Picture

And by the way, they are not the only scammers I busted using The Real Tracker. If you are promoting anything on internet, use the real tracker. You will save a lot of time and money and your online marketing can turn to the better… and again, The Real Tracker is completely free, just register as a member at Leads Leap. Do it now, don’t delay.

More info about The Real Tracker HERE:
To get The Real Tracker, join as a FREE member at Leads Leap HERE:

To your great success,
Ladislav Smrtnik

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